About Us

Mission Statement

Humanists derive their ethics from compassion and scientific reasoning rather than dogma or tradition. The mission of Lincoln Secular Humanists is to defend the separation of government and religion, work for social justice, fight bigotry, educate the public about the importance of secular democracy, and encourage critical thinking.

The Lincoln Secular Humanists, as a chartered chapter of the American Humanist Association, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit educational charity. All donations to LSH are 100% tax deductible.

LSH operates solely upon contributions of time, money, and hard work of its supporters and members.

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What We Do

LSH exists mainly to provide a community and social support network for local people of like mind, but we are also involved in many other aspects of our community. We have organized fundraisers for progressive causes, book drives, and we have engaged in community betterment work. We do all that we can to promote Humanism: we have put on movie/documentary showings, do quarterly presentations on secular humanism at Doane College, host presentations on science and humanism, community debates and forums, etc. LSH organizes many celebrations and events for local freethinkers, some examples are: our annual Winter Solstice Party, Darwin Day, World Humanist Day, National Day of Reason, etc. Also we engage in activism whenever necessary. We have fought against groups opposing reproductive rights, continually protested the intrusion of religion into government, and the attempts at teaching creationism in schools. By joining us or donating you will help us to continue our work.